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Laser Direct Write (LDW) Glass

Gray Scale Photomask in LDW Glass
High Efficient DOE Made with a LDW-Glass Mask

More Information on LDW Glass

Upon laser exposure a gray level mask of LDW-glass
is ready to replace five binary masks for 3D shaping.




DOE Fabrication: 3D Shaping

One LDW-glass Mask

One Optical Exposure to Make DOEs

No Mask Overlay Errors

  • One mask, one photolithographic step, no mask overlay errors. 
  • One step fabrication of a true gray level mask. 
  • Phase levels of DOE are immediately visible as gray levels in LDW-glass upon laser beam exposure. 
  • One gray level mask replaces 5 binary masks. 
  • No resist processing, no chrome etching, further reduced cost of mask. 
  • High DOE efficiency, because; 
    • Sharp zone boundaries are realized using laser beam direct write on LDW-glass which has no graininess, moreover, focused laser spot size in LDW-glass is smaller than the spot size in air. 
    • Smooth continuous blaze surfaces are realized. 
  • One step 3D photolithography replaces multi-step binary photolithography. 
  • Cost savings from cutting DOE fabrication steps. 
  • Faster turnaround. 
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