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Custom Made HEBS Glass Gray Scale Photomasks (can include GDSII data file preparation)

LDW Glass
  • Blanks for Laser Direct Write DOE in LDW Glass

  • Blanks for LDW Gray Sclae Photomasks
  • Fabrication of Refractive and Diffractive Microoptical Elements (i.e. a refractive microlens array with 100% fill factor; each lenslet in the array can be unique, different from all others)

    HEBS Glass Calibration Plates
  • Calibration Plate HEBS5

  • Calibration Plate HEBS5N

  • Calibration Plate I85B

  • Calibration Plate I85 P+N
  • Sinusoidal Gratings
    Durable Gray Scale Step Tablets--a variable density HEBS glass transmission mask


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